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Is It Ever Too Late For Braces: All About Braces For Adults

If you have crooked teeth as an adult, you may be wondering, 'When is it too late to get braces?'. Here, our Calgary & Canmore orthodontists share some information about straightening your teeth later in life and what to expect when getting braces as an adult.

Is it ever too late to get braces?

Braces are commonly used to treat many orthodontic issues, like crooked teeth, underbites, and more. While the technique will be similar no matter what age you get braces, there are some main differences.

This may lead you to wonder, 'Can I put off getting braces when I am younger, then get them at the age of 20, 21, 25, or even later?', and the answer is yes. But here are some of the considerations to keep in mind:

The Different Types of Braces for Adults

Traditional Braces

When someone mentions braces, you likely jump straight to a mental image of metal brackets and wires. These metal braces are the traditional method of straightening teeth. The metal wire attached to the brackets helps to gradually shift the teeth into their prescribed positions.

Metal braces are typically the most affordable option for straightening teeth, and these days, the smaller brackets make them far more discreet than they were in the past. Another benefit of traditional braces is that you don't need to remember to wear them; they will always be on your teeth, ensuring that your treatment stays on track.


Many adults choose Invisalign clear aligners for their orthodontic treatment. One reason is that they can be less noticeable than traditional metal braces, which is appealing to many adults.

These clear aligners will need to be changed at regular intervals throughout treatment and worn for 22 hours every day. The ability to remove the aligners also means that you can take them out while eating and drinking, allowing you to continue enjoying the foods you love.

Difficulties Faced by Adults With Braces

Because adults' jawbones are more developed than children's, treatment may take longer. Adults are also more likely to have issues such as gum disease, tooth and bone loss, or even a lack of bone density in some cases, which can all cause complications during treatment. Your orthodontist will carefully monitor your treatment to ensure that any potential concerns are managed quickly.

While there are certain issues to watch for while using braces as an adult, there are immense benefits to straightening misaligned teeth. Dental concerns like tooth gaps, crooked teeth, and more can cause serious oral health conditions that can be prevented with orthodontic treatment.

Do have more questions about having orthodontic treatment as an adult? Reach out to our Calgary & Canmore orthodontists today to request a consultation.

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