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Controlling Bad Breath During Invisalign Treatment

While orthodontic treatment can help you with a number of alignment issues, sometimes it can leave your breath needing a little help. Here, our Calgary & Canmore orthodontists share advice about controlling bad breath during treatment with Invisalign clear aligners.

Why does bad breath happen with Invisalign?

When it comes to side effects during treatment with Invisalign, you may not have expected bad breath to be one of them. While you may think the smell is just because you spend all day wearing your aligners, this is not necessarily true.

Commonly, the culprit comes down to how you care for your aligners. If you are noticing that your Invisalign clear aligners are causing bad breath, then you may need to focus more on your oral hygiene. When your teeth and aligners are clean, your breath should smell clean, too.

How to Control Bad Breath During Invisalign Treatment

Here are some of the ways that you can help keep your breath smelling fresh and your Invisalign clear aligners clean:

Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water can clear debris and help protect the enamel by diluting the acids in your mouth.

Clean Your Aligners

If you have bad breath, make sure you clean your aligners every time you take them out to eat and only drink water while wearing them. Never drink anything else or eat while wearing them.

Brush and Floss Regularly

Be sure to brush and floss your teeth before putting your Invisalign clear aligners back in after eating. If you put them in without cleaning your teeth, food particles and bacteria may become trapped, which increases the risk of dental conditions that can contribute to bad breath.

Avoid Tobacco and Caffeine

Smoking and drinking coffee not only have the potential to cause health issues, but they can also cause bad breath.

Use Mouthwash

You could try swishing some mouthwash for extra protection against bad breath when using Invisalign. Adding mouthwash to your brushing and flossing routine can help give you an added boost of breath freshness.

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

By caring properly for your teeth and your Invisalign clear aligners, you can not only curb bad breath, but also ensure that you prevent oral health conditions and keep your orthodontic treatment on track.

Would you like to learn more about how to care for your teeth while using clear aligners? Get in touch with our Calgary & Canmore orthodontists today to request an appointment.

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