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Coffee & Invisalign: Can you drink coffee with Invisalign?

If you want to alter your smile with clear aligners, you may need to consider making some changes to your routine. Here, our Calgary & Canmore orthodontists talk about treatment with Invisalign and whether you can still drink your morning coffee during treatment.

Can I Drink Coffee While Wearing My Invisalign Trays?

Are you one of those people who starts their day with a hot cup of coffee? If so, then you may be wondering if you can still enjoy your favourite morning beverage while wearing Invisalign clear aligners. Here, our orthodontists at Vincelli Orthodontics discuss everything you should know about coffee and Invisalign.

Remove Your Invisalign Trays When Drinking Anything Other Than Water

You should not drink anything other than water when wearing your Invisalign clear aligners. So if you are searching, 'Can I drink coffee through a straw with Invisalign?', the answer is a resounding 'no'. Here are some of the reasons you shouldn't do this:

Sugar: Unless you drink black coffee, there will be some form of sugar in your coffee. With Invisalign, this sugar can get stuck between your teeth and the clear aligners, which can lead to cavities.

Stains: Coffee is an easy way to stain your clear aligners, and make them appear discoloured. The same goes for your teeth themselves!

Heat: Did you know that your Invisalign aligners were moulded to the shape of your teeth using heat? This means that they are also able to easily warp with the heat from your coffee. This may cause you to wonder, 'Can I drink cold or iced coffee with Invisalign?', and unfortunately, this isn't recommended.

How to Drink Coffee When You Wear Invisalign Clear Aligners

Don't worry, using Invisalign doesn't mean you should give up your love of coffee. Here are some ways that you can have the best of both worlds:

  • Remove your aligners before you drink coffee and place them in their case until you finish your coffee.
  • You need to wear your aligners for 22 hours each day. So you should try to drink your coffee quickly rather than savouring it until noon.
  • Become a black coffee drinker to avoid the decay caused by sugar.
  • Brush your teeth after your coffee, and rinse your aligners before you put them back in.

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