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What are the most common orthodontic issues?

Some oral health conditions can have an impact on your bite and alignment. It's important to seek treatment as early as possible for these problems to avoid complications later on. Our orthodontists in Calgary & Canmore share some of the most common orthodontic issues we diagnose and treat.

What are some of the most common orthodontic issues we see?

While an orthodontist can help you achieve a straighter smile, they can also address orthodontic issues that can cause other, more serious oral conditions if left untreated. Some of the most common issues we see are:


One common orthodontic condition that we see most often is crowding of the teeth. Crowding happens when there isn't enough space on the jaw for all of the teeth to fit. Aside from causing aesthetic concerns, this issue can also lead to many other conditions affecting both gum and tooth health, such as uneven wear and tear.


Gaps can happen between any two teeth. These gaps or spaces can be caused by genetics, which determine the size of your teeth or jawbone. Other issues that aren't caused by genetics can include spacing due to thumb sucking or tongue thrusting (when you push your tongue against the back of your teeth).


Overjets occur when there is a horizontal overlap of the front top and bottom teeth. This can be caused by the lower jaw being positioned too far back when compared to the top jaw. It can also occur if the teeth shift due to issues that were never corrected, such as thumb sucking.


Like an overjet, an underbite is the overlap of the top and bottom teeth, except in this case, the bottom teeth are overlapping the top. This common orthodontic issue is usually genetic and can cause difficulties when attempting to correct it, resulting in the need for surgery.

The Importance of Seeking Treatment

Treatment with braces or Invisalign can not only straighten your smile and potentially make it more aesthetically pleasing, but also help you manage common orthodontic issues that may cause serious complications further down the road. If you have a dental concern, please speak with our orthodontists to learn more about how we can help.

Do you have any concerns about the appearance of your smile or any symptoms that you may be experiencing? Please reach out to our Calgary & Canmore orthodontic team to request an appointment.

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