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Can I have orthodontic treatment if I am missing teeth?

Braces or Invisalign are great options for many people looking to straighten their smile, but what if you are planning for restorative treatment or have lost a tooth? Our orthodontists in Calgary & Canmore discuss whether you can have orthodontic treatment if you are missing teeth and what the benefits of doing so may be.

Orthodontic treatment is a common choice for those looking to change the appearance and alignment of their smile. A common question that dentists and orthodontists are asked is whether braces or Invisalign are a good option for people who are missing teeth.

Can I have orthodontic treatment if I am missing teeth?

The answer to this is yes, orthodontic treatment using braces or Invisalign is still possible even if you are missing teeth. Whether you have a space left from losing a tooth or are currently planning for dental restorations, we can help straighten your teeth.

Why is it important to address the problem of missing teeth?

There are several reasons you could be missing a tooth. Dental decay, damage, and trauma are common causes of tooth loss, and in some cases, the tooth may never have even erupted. Replacing missing teeth (or reserving space for a future tooth replacement) is crucial to prevent bone loss and shifting of the remaining teeth.

How can braces or Invisalign help when I am missing teeth?

Even if you are missing teeth, braces or Invisalign can help address the gaps and treat concerns that can affect your bite. The specific approach taken by your orthodontist will depend on your unique needs and situation. Your orthodontist may choose to either shift your teeth to fill the space or they will straighten your teeth and adjust the space to allow for a tooth replacement.

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If you have any questions about what to expect during your treatment using braces or Invisalign, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dental team today.

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